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Corrie ten Boom:
New wheel

This is what a two mile walk home looks like:

Rim blew out at 4am yesterday morning as I was headed down a hill. Loudest sound I've heard in some time. I managed to hold on for dear life.

If you feel like going for a walk, I don't recommend lugging a bike laden with a heavy saddlebag on your shoulder.

Unboxing experience

This is what a new MacBook Air looks like:

Pic needs a spirit level - Ed.

Battery on old Air ballooned. KABOOM! it didn't go, though I was tempted to jump up and down on it, if only to see how far the fabled explosion of lithium-ion batteries gone bad might propel me.

It was getting on in years and OS anyway, so...

More damn ports

(Sponsor spiel which starts @3.22 ends @5.35, in case you're wondering)


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