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My love affair with rabbits started after my wife and I moved to the country and they became our neighbours and garden nibblers. We don’t cultivate anything, so they posed no threat. We're vegetarian, so they didn’t make our mouths water. They were free entertainment.

We debated getting one of our own, but figured spectating beat caregiving in this case. Neither of us had had a pet since we were kids, and we weren’t in a rush to take on the responsibility.

Then myxomatosis ran a scythe through our neck of the woods. Almost all of them disappeared. We missed them. So we revisited the subject, did our research, and

got a rabbit from the last place you’re supposed to get one. Garden centres don’t really have any business selling bunnies – it’s like offering mice in a cheese shop, for a start – yet there he was one day. Resistance was futile.

We decided on this little guy in particular because every time I paid him a visit, he seemed to be keeping himself apart from his brothers. You’re supposed to get them in pairs at least, so that was another commandment we were breaking; but we’d also read that while they are social creatures, they have different personalities, and some do fine without a rabbity companion provided they have plenty of company. Even if it’s an inferior human.

We prepped the house (hide the wires! cast anti-burrowing spells over the carpeting!) and brought him home, where he’s lived for almost three years now. He’s pretty much got the run of the place.

He's asleep behind the couch as I type this.

He's what's known as a tricolour Dutch, and his name is Chompsky. Also Oreo, but Chompsky would go on his passport if he had one.

Yes, he's fond of books

for the most part he's not allowed near them.

That's a repurposed fireplace screen. Fortunately we're not houseproud.

Chompsky eats like a king

assuming the king is vegan.

Who's been known to sample his throne. Well, that would be his throne, if it wasn't so too slippery. This is where he often sits, if not royalty, at least lord of the manor:

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