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Scenes at the museum
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Always with the drama

Whatever's going on, it doesn't look dishwasher safe

Praying for a happy ending

Don't lose these, I don't have spares

This is never going to come out

Catholic bouncy castle (when Jesus died for our sins, that included sacrilege)

Ensuring Bessie is milked on time

Who knew they could pounce

Potter's field of dreams

This is a prime example of the artist's bucolic period

If you're not going to put this on Instagram please leave

Guardian Soulmates attract dictionary pics

If C-3PO had a cycle of rebirth

A fight broke out over who was fairest of them all

He'd made the mistake of asking for a close shave

For "Pubic Transport" substitute "A Streetcar Named Desire”. See? Sometimes censors have good ideas.

Benny never forgot which B he was

Modern art: nothing to be afraid of

Make a painting in your head. These are the colours you can use. You have until the metronomes stop.

Not every exhibit is ready for fame

Always have an exit plan

There's even art in the walls. At first they thought it was mice.

The lion doesn't sleep tonight

Ever since Pulp Fiction you could never just put a sock in it anymore

My only half unserious interpretation of this is that the packing material is symbolic of the fragility of easter eggs

Questioning how meaning and value are assigned through the authority of institutions? Check.

Please don’t leave disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of Batman undergoing a tragi-comic makeover.

If somebody doesn't call building maintenance this problem is just going to get worse


Scenes at the museum
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Anticipating the next Facebook notification

Why do I get the feeling this is a promotion without a raise


Written notice from the council to keep the noise down

He's going to need a little trim

Thank you madam, but I just stick a straw in the hump

All of us, at one time or another

If he kept offering the bullies flowers he was going to keep getting beat up

Heads, you really lose

Getting new shoes from the blacksmith

Now that you’ve asked nicely, I’m happy to do the dishes

Two's company, three's crowd control

Not going to miss the delivery man again

He’s probably more afraid of you than you are of him

"You're going to have to try harder than that to scare m–" said the blind man

Advertising for guys with big brains on the dating site

How they suck you in