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Mexico elections
« on: June 02, 2024 »
A pen pal of mine across the pond and south of the border just voted:

I have a bittersweet feeling about the results. I enjoy voting and I'm ok with them, even though I didn't vote for the winner; it is the nature of the democratic process to understand and respect what a majority of the people wants. I grew up believing that my voice counts for this decision, and that my participation is a civil duty (everything for the better of the country).

I feel happy during the voting day. I enjoy seeing the people participating, is a nice day for me. However, I think that this year the process was of a lower quality than in previous elections, and my bittersweet feeling about the results is because of that, among other things.

There are details that were different from my previous participations which resulted in a feeling of distrust (the tardiness for the polling booths installation, the uncertainty about the counting, some fears about violence in some locations, even the materials quality including the ink for the finger, the form of the voting ballots/tickets, which actually could and should be inclusive, etc.), but there was also a feeling of hope among young participants and trust in common observers for each polling location. This, together with the fact that only 60.04% of those registered to vote came out to do it (which is not a good signal, even if it was just a little bit less than those who voted in the previous election), makes me feel that while there is a result from a majority, something “is not ok”. 40% didn’t participate, even though the process was “easier” and more accessible than other years. It just feels like something is not ok.