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YACF: Community Note
« on: March 25, 2008 »
Fascinating as the machinations of cycling forums are to some of us, I don't blame you if it makes your eyes glaze over. Fortunately there's so much more on offer here at NACF. How about a nice murder mystery instead?

My account at Yet Another Cycling Forum has been terminated with extreme prejudice, previous banishments elsewhere padding out what passes for reasoning.

Quote from: Rogerzilla
[Sam] was banned some time ago from the two other major UK cycling forums (CycleChat and CUK forum) and we gave that person the benefit of the doubt on here for much longer; probably too long, since their posts led to the departure of at least one much-valued member.

No-one is ever banned lightly (if you exclude spammers, you can count bans on one hand since we started) and all the moderators must agree.  I don't actually get a vote, as I'm an admin.

Bullet points look professional, so here goes:

• Ian – the much-valued member in question – left because of one confrontation too many with what I can only assume is a VIP. My crime was to start the topic.

• CycleChat was less than fond of my "Ludic tendancies", as a regular put it. (You might have to look that up. I did.) Details here. Note that my transgression was to start the same thread at YACF, seeing as CC didn't want it, and to write about this stuff on my own site.

• Cycling UK threw me out because a moderator wasn't happy that I'd started a gender critical topic. I've posted about this at some length. Tl;dr: I broke no rules. If anything, the moderators crossed a line. They simply weren't fans of free speech either. It's time – probably past time – to add YACF to that club.

The mods needed a locus for their rage. I fit the bill. If my posts are still up, you'll be the judge of the value of what I brought to the table.

"Ludic?" "Guilty as charged."

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The pursuit of truth will set you free; even if you never catch up with it.

Some aren't even in the race.