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There's a reason he rushed through the "as long as they're not hurting anyone else" boilerplate. Call it a lack of empathy and understanding.

Quote from: the outgoing occupant of #10
Freedom of speech is the most powerful feature of our democracy.

If you’re calling for women to shut up and wishing they didn’t exist, you are the problem.

Even being a Time Lord (the date is just before Stonewall took a very wrong turn), my powers are limited to links. Here's another.


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Skin in the game
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David Tennant - Wishes Kemi B would ‘shut up’
Quote from: SisterWendyBuckett
In 2017 my 20 year old daughter very suddenly announced she was non-binary. This was after a turbulent and traumatic episode in her life. She had recently come out as a lesbian but the non binary identity quickly took over.

We did our best to accept this sudden change, go along with her wishes and not question her choices.

Within 3 months she decided she was in fact trans - had always been a male but just ‘never had the words to explain this’ - and was sent by our GP to the adult gender identity clinic.

Her mental health deteriorated and her personality seemed to change overnight.

By the following year, having recently started on testosterone, she cut herself off from us. We were labelled transphobic bigots, refusing to accept her true identity, because we had tried to discuss the dangers of rushing too quickly into permanent medical changes. She accused her brother of wanting her to have conversion therapy because he was so worried about her state of mind that he dared to suggest she might try some counselling.

We haven’t seen her in 6 long years and have to accept we may never see or hear from her again. We found out several years ago that she has had a double mastectomy. The shock is still there…it’s not something you can get used to.

Estranging from parents is a feature, not a bug, for young people who pledge their allegiance to this movement. For parents like us this is a vicious ideology, dressed up as a sparkly, ‘be kind’, human rights movement, that can seize hold of vulnerable young people’s minds and convince them that up is down, that their body is the seat of all their ills, and that the way to become your true self is to rid yourself of your health and fertility.

David Tennant has absolutely no idea. He’s a heterosexual married man able to father multiple children, adorned in glitter and pink nail varnish, whose absence of thinking and desire to paint himself as ‘progressive’, blinds him to the multiple harms and rights conflicts that gender ideology creates and enacts.

He stands there clutching his ally’s award, eyes bulging and frothing with self-righteous anger, and pronounces that it would be a better world if women like Kemi Badenoch shut up and disappear. He wants women, who believe in sex based rights, protecting women’s single sex spaces and safeguarding children and young people, to go away.

I have never been a Tory voter, but if Kemi was my candidate, would I vote for her? 1000 X yes because in my constituency the incumbent Labour MP is a man who actively supports a male who parades his desire to ‘breastfeed’ in public. It’s beyond belief that an MP could stand up for and enable one of the most disturbing paraphilias around and this not be widely reported on.

He, David Tennant and so many others, continue to demonstrate just how far removed the left wing elite have become from material reality and necessary societal boundaries and safeguards.

So yes, David Tennant, I too have skin in the game and us “little whinging f*ers” refuse to go away because there’s far too much at stake to stay silent.