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Women speaking
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Quote from: Kellie-Jay Keen
I'm not allowed to be 50, and have peroxide blonde hair, wear a lot of makeup, look relatively submissive and subservient and then have this mouth.

If like me you often listen with only one earphone because your ears are multitasking, note that that's mono {and of course video on Twitter is rubbish}. Gets going after around 3 minutes. Also on YouTube in fancy-schmancy stereo, though the feed occasionally goes bad, and it's incomplete, missing some of the best speeches.

I've caught parts of these events over the years, call it the greatest hits; hearing one all the way through may have been a first. It helped that there wasn't a black pamper in sight. This not being a large event with loads of speakers, she often had the floor.

Those who hate her will easily find further ammunition – she might as well have pulled out a Stonewall umbrella and started singing "It's raining pervs" (she's talking about autogynephiles). She happily self-IDs as Marmite. I don't like Marmite, but thought she was funny, honest, even spellbinding at times.

Every single time you remain silent, somebody else will fill that void with some utter nonsense.

Make sure you catch the "OG" lesbian – I almost typed lesbian woman – at the 51 minute mark (that's the timing on the Twitter video), and Kellie again straight after her, then the woman after her...

Definitely don't miss her channeling Starmer, "I've made myself perfectly clear", the preamble to which starts @1.26.30 (the YT video cuts out long before that).

Loved former lecturer Sally @1.31.22 saying how "soft seductive melting tones" elude her, immediately followed by a loud cough in my ear. I'd say more people need a cough in their ear, or perhaps something less covidy to get their attention.

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[Is] anyone just bothered by how asinine it all is?
Quote from: OwnLyingEyes
Bothered but also...relieved. If it were less asinine, it would have been easier to convince myself that I must just be wrong, but instead, when questioning my own position, this honestly makes it easier, and that strengthens my resolve to fight against this despite the personal cost. Because I know we're right about this, and that's huge if you're someone who tries to consider things from a lot of different perspectives when making decisions. You can't really advocate for this devil without switching your brain off first.

It's also what gives me hope in the face of the massive odds stacked against us. Because it's legitimately too stupid to be sustainable. It's so stupid it's a volatile substance that combusts the moment you shine a light on it.

But it has also made me lose a LOT of respect for a lot of people and institutions and been very disillusioning on both a small and large scale. Because everything is captured and that means people allowed themselves to be captured by....this. And even if/when the tide turns and everyone pretends they never bought into something so stupid, we'll know they did. And they'll allll still be there primed to fall for the next stupid thing, no matter how stupid (clearly). So any sense of security is shot by this.


It also made dystopian novels feel a lot more real and close, particularly those written by people who were writing from personal experience/observations of the takeover of an oppressive regime and all the propaganda campaigns surrounding it. Watching the people around them fall under its sway.


There was a time when I believed that for the most part these essential things were in capable hands. And that may have been comparatively true. Now, however, I'm watching anyone competent, anyone with integrity, anyone ethical, anyone with a working brain, anyone with any basic decency being driven out of every single position and replaced with simpering ideologues and it's maddening...

in a way it feels like growing up. Realizing that all of this isn't just being 'taken care of' by someone else so we don't have to worry about it, but that it's become our responsibility to step up to the plate [my link] and make sure it's being taken care of properly to the best of our abilities. Admittedly also with the understanding that we have very limited power to do so, but still.

look at the amount of people who believe in God

But religion attempts to provide answers for the things you can't see, fill in the blanks, explain the unexplainable (and that comes in conflict with what we learn to be true as our knowledge base progresses, but long-lasting religions tend to adapt to that, find ways to interpret things so they don't do too much damage, at least when it comes to things people can see with their own eyes). And it often provides answers, guidance, structure, a sense of purpose that people find comforting during hard times, which is a big part of what keeps many people in them (as well as the baked-in punishment and reward system...).

Gender ideology, though, is dumber than flat earth theory because it tells you over and over again to deny what you can see in front of your own eyes every day is true. And you're constantly surrounded by simple, obvious evidence to the contrary (hence what TIPs call 'gender dysphoria' every time the truth gets in the way of their fantasy multiple times every day). Things so simple that small children notice them constantly, dogs notice. It takes a lot of energy to work that hard to fool yourself, and with little to no payoff if you aren't actively identifying as trans and cashing in on what that can get you. Being an ally just sucks. And the pattern we're seeing play out is that spending time around TIPs peaks people like nothing else. A lot of supporters buy into what they're told about this movement until they really get to know their first TIM and it stops being a hypothetical that they can take on faith and starts being something they're supposed to believe in the face of everything their senses are screaming at them about this guy.

TLDR, I don't think people will get smarter, but I do think gender ideology is significantly dumber than the usual baseline for humanity.



Adult human female
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The latest Kellie-Jay Keen furyfest:

I think what TRA*s (that particular thread is swarming with them) despise most about her is that she is not afraid of them.

A warm New Zealand welcome last year

Why is she being so meeeeean? some will say. I see her as part of a two-pronged approach, with Queen TERF Rowling being the reasonable one (if you actually listen to her) who rarely if ever puts a foot wrong, then KJK, who presents truth in the raw.

The divide between gender critical Mumsnet regulars on how Keen conducts herself is the sort of thing genderists thrive on. Anything to divert attention from the basic message, which is to stop pretending.

*Trans pRivileges Activists, some cloaked as GC

. . .

If you are emoting right left and centre, if you are hysterical with fear that society is out to kill you - then you are unable to think. Thinking must be the activity that TRAs fear most because a clear mind will see through the ideology in jig time.

Hysteria is catching too. TRAs keep stirring the pot to maintain it. This has caused the "decline of thinking into feeling".

. . .

Pronoun badges are
a passive-aggressive demand for compliance. We're expected to silently accept the reproach to be 'kind'. If it was an upfront exchange, where each side can have their say, that would be different. But it's not, we're expected to gag ourselves.