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Just the facts
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Name: Sam
Age: Aquarius
Marital status: I still do
Nationality: Applying for asylum in Canada
Languages: English with a smattering of French
Allergies: Scratchy labels inside clothes
Greatest fault: Hidden depths
Dietary preferences: Vegan with a blind spot for honey
Subscriptions: None, though I may pick up The Leeds Leek if I find one on the train
Hobbies: Reading (or not), travel, psychiatry, photographic interpretation services,

casting horoscopes, and obviously, posting.

Bicycle census: Latest count
Cycling CV: E2E1, E2E2, Ditchling Beacon x3 and other great British hills, freewheeler
Charter member of Cyclists Anonymous
Unexplained employment gap: Those years spent as a columnist for cycling magazines
Worst off: Getting off my bike to help at an accident scene

What the papers will say: "He wasn't wearing a helmet, didn't have his hands on the handlebars, and had Dylan turned up too loud on his iPod. While any of those could have killed him instantly, it was actually the bottle of champagne that slipped from the hand of a passenger in a Virgin balloon that dispatched him."


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The following image dump serves to remind me of time spent hunting for suitable illustrations and slapping them around where necessary. (It's usually necessary; captions at the very least. Often it's a matter of introducing found images to each other.) Some pics below link to their respective posts or threads. There's rather more zombie-themed memorabilia than one might expect. A sign of the end times, perhaps.



more pics
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Have mostly moved over to CycleChat now. Great image upload facility. Enough said.
As above, many pics are links.

Sometimes it is necessary to run Abélard through a translator

Mont Ventoux, gradient correction filter

Also in the stationary stationery cupboard:
Bike Approval Form