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Barcelona in a day
« on: April 18, 2011 »

Juicy Jones.
Just squeeze the walls

She had him stoked

Not everyone was pleased with the Sagrada Família, especially those who couldn't solve the Sudoku

The interior is deceptively spacious

No paragliding in the cathedral please. Abseiling is OK. We took the stairs

As construction wore on interminably and funds dwindled, the design of the newer towers grew less elaborate

A fourth wise man offered receipts for the gifts, in case the Christs wanted to return them

Clergy dispenser

Truth-is-beauty contest

Note to self: feed the meter

She never entirely lost her girlish love of horses

Patrons of the arts discuss Picasso's blue period

Two hours in a museum was about her limit. (His too)

General Franco had no tolerance for Reds

Playground bullying escalated

Gaudí's plan to create a fearsome dragon to keep tourists out of the park backfired

Foolish, really, to have taken the exit into the feeding tank

The constant octopus gardener. Clearly they're an item

As with any other big city, cable car traffic is a nightmare

Urban space is always at a premium. Here we see a family has put its bikes out to dry

Excursion to Montserrat

It was a miracle, the townspeople said: 4 for a euro

According to the crystal ball it would snow on Christmas

In the rugged landscape which surrounds the monastery lurk fierce mountain cats

A pilgrim strokes the Virgin's orb. Which is one way to stay warm on cold winter nights

Not all angels can carry a tune

They came for the boys choir, they stayed for Lady Gaga

Excursion to Tarragona

Due to health & safety regulations the saints have to pray outside the building

A city ordinance mandates that Roman architecture be photographed in black and white

...and that a certain percentage of shots be artistically tilted. Experiments in contrast are also encouraged

Back in Barcelona, cheap tourist syndrome kicked in at Casa Milà. This is as close as we got

Family restaurant

Las Ramblas cycling club

Checking to see if she's a busker

Gored by the critics

It turns out they were separable

The Nikon D40 employs a multi-CAM530 focusing module with three focusing points. I wasn't one of them.


We didn't see Barcelona in a day any more than we saw York in an hour (though there is precedent for a New York minute). It's one of those new naming conventions I seem powerless to change.