Author Topic: A new beginning

A new beginning
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Facing the music
Dance like nobody's watching.

Cycling videos you've made
Quote from: HF
I've only made one cycling video and you'd have to be have been around here circa 2005/6 to have seen it.

I've no idea where it is.

This is HF playfully rewriting history. YACF wasn't around in '05/06.

a new beginning
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theyll have fun fun fun
till their daddy takes the surfboard away
or is that t bird
you tell me

pink pants sir
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Breaking into my own bike shed
Zooming out (reply #17):

(Seriously, I'm a fan of Mike Dremel, the surname I've just given him.)

Can't believe that lost to Mary Poppins!

think pink
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chimchimcheree has its moments

And now the end is near
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time travel innit
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we are going to want to be legging it soon
trust me on this

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Please keep opening your mouth.

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i second that emotion

Last train to Dullsvill*
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Quote from: NACAn, drooling slightly
Is this where we alight?

[Gently as possible under the circumstances] Back into the crazy train with you, silly billy.

Lately I am feeling like
Quote from: Helen Killjoy
Random YouTube links with no meaningful commentary. I thought we weren’t supposed to do this.

*At least it will be on time.

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how dull is helen let me count the ways
she is dull to the depth that she has no depth
has no perceptible soul nor a mind with breadth
should dumb & dumber go looking for dumbest of all
count her in like flynn at that casting call
if golgafrinchan ark fleet ship b needs a captain
well you get the idea she is up for that action
she is totally without a scintilla of grace
when it comes to charm shes without a trace
arts and entertainment are beyond her ken
her barb earned her this from a rusty pen
i could go on and on and on some more
her lack of redeeming qualities being the stuff of lore
but fun as its been it is time to end this
as a parting gift for the short of shrift have a necklace