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Caught before the morning rush hour of school kids.

The Mandalorian was too young for school.

I noticed him walking nearby with his mum, who was was carrying a couple of masks.

"Is that a stormtrooper's helmet?" I asked her. She confirmed it was.

Well, I couldn't let this opportunity pass: "Do you mind if I take a picture of your son wearing it?" I then asked, inviting him into the conversation. "Posing with my bike frame? It's for an art project."

(For the record, nobody has yet refused me.)

"You watch Star Wars?" he asked excitedly.

"I love Star Wars!" I told him.

A bit more chatter as he prepared to put on the helmet, then suddenly he announced:

"My father died. He was unhealthy and he died."

All I could say was how sorry I was to hear that. Naturally I glanced at his mother; she must have heard this a few times now. I wonder how many other men he has told this to. I felt so bad for the little guy.

Then he gamely put on the helmet and I snapped away. His mother even asked if he might like to wear the Mandalorian helmet she was also carrying, which worked for me as it's a good match for the frame.

"I'm very good at standing still," he said.

I agreed he was.

Then we were done and they walked away. He turned around and said "It was nice to meet you!"

And it was.