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Who's Who
« on: October 04, 2015 »
It's no secret that were we to have a roll call, my hand would be up for nearly all of it. Sir Thomas More hasn't risen to indulge an interest in cycling. Clava Scriba didn't roll in off the street unannounced to take over the job of Velosolo Club Secretary. My pet rabbit cannot in fact type – at least not anything parsable. Needless to say, in The Slaughtered Lamb, everybody knows my name because I am everybody.

Vanishingly few people have registered (or are forecast to) who aren't me, but if you should be one of them, note that you're not constrained either. Please be sensible: you'll understand I can't have Prince Harry posting about his new love for fixed gear, nor leaping in to back up Meghan should she start a thread in Free For All complaining about how life is treating her.

Actually that's a bad example, it being reasonably obvious they wouldn't wash up here, though in the case of living celebrities alterations are called for. Prince Harrylegs and Yoko of Sussex would be fine.

The key to this policy is a lack of deceptive intent. I started using different names not to make it look like the joint was hopping (someone's already thought of that), but because this format has the downside of plastering mine everywhere. The solution was staring me in the face.

I also have fun with dates from time to time. Happy birthday, Chompsky.